Educational Resources

Kaggle Workshops

Workshops,, 2019

These are a collection of all the workshops I’ve run at Kaggle, from July 2016 to December 2019.

A Guide to Livetweeting Conferences

Website,, 2018

I’ve written a fairly in-depth guide to livetweeting that you can find here. It’s intentionally minimal so that it can easily loaded on phones with limited data.

An Introduction to Relational Databases

Slides, Sociolinguistics Lab, 2016

Slides from a talk given at a sociolinguistics lab meeting on relational databases. Includes information on software for making relational databases and ideas for distributing them.

Linguistics Outreach

Posters & Activicties, Pacific Science Center, 2014

These materials were developed for Paws on Science; an annual event put on by the Pacific Science Center to help UW scientists connect with the public. They were designed with an elementary-school audience in mind.