Linguistics Outreach

Posters & Activicties, Pacific Science Center, 2014

These materials were developed for Paws on Science; an annual event put on by the Pacific Science Center to help UW scientists connect with the public. They were designed with an elementary-school audience in mind.

  • Posters explaining the activities. I would recommend picking a maximum of three.
  • Sounds files for the binaural listening and phoneme replacement activities.
  • Tables banners with QR links for the PNWE project website, the binaural listening sound file and the phoneme replacement sound file.
  • Words for the syntax tree. Cut them out, laminate them and place velcro dots on the backs of the words and the poster with the syntax tree.
  • You will also need:
    • popsicle sticks/tongue depressors
    • crepe paper
    • head phones
    • MP3 player
    • easels or another way to mount posters
    • (recommend) alcohol wipes for headphones
    • (recommend) sanitizer
  • All art on these posters was labelled for commercial reuse with modification and you’re free to use my materials (including recordings) for educational purposes.